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Most physicians have received little to no formal training on specific recommendations, dosage protocols, side effects, product quality, or potential drug interactions, which are all critical aspects of patient care when recommending medical marijuana.  All of our physicians have received advanced training in medical marijuana-related topics, based on the latest science and clinical research.


We routinely provide comprehensive care for complex pain and focus on helping patients find a personalized treatment plan that fits their specific health needs. Our clinics are based in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The physician performs a thorough review of each patient’s medical history. Medical records must be reviewed for a certification to be issued to determine if cannabis could provide therapeutic benefits to the patient. If the doctor concludes that cannabis could benefit the patient’s qualifying condition(s) or associated symptoms, he or she will issue a certification that will allow the patient to apply to the state for a Medical Cannabis Card recognized by Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Languages: English  Years In Practice: 20

Establish a bona fide doctor-patient relationship

Proactive patients can start the certification process so they can gain legal access to medical marijuana.  Our goal is to establish professional and compassionate doctor-patient relationships so that we can guide patients through the Missouri Medical Cannabis Program regulations. Qualified patients can establish a bona fide relationship with a compassionate, knowledgeable physician now.

We are located and affiliated with the Padda Institute Center for Interventional Pain Management: https://painmd.tv