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Could marijuana help your pain?

MOMJMD is dedicated to helping you with your medical marijuana needs with expertise and compassion. MOMJMD combines accessibility, class, and comfort for patients seeking alternative medicine through medical marijuana. Our goal is to educate and guide our patient’s through Missouri’s medical cannabis program so that they can obtain a medical marijuana card if eligible.

We help qualified patients navigate
Missouri's Medical Cannabis Program.

Our clinic offers a full range of educational programs, including individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, and online learning. Patients learn about how cannabis works, including its effect on the body and  specific medical conditions.  During the medical evaluation, patients receive education on the various ingestion methods for medical cannabis, dosage amounts, and the benefits of treatment, as well as risks that may come along with this alternative treatment method.

Patients who are currently on a standard medical treatment plan or have exhausted traditional treatment options may find medical cannabis beneficial.  Our clinic offers comprehensive patient evaluation and medical records review to determine whether cannabis might present an effective treatment option for patients experiencing unrelenting chronic pain. Cannabis also has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects, which can assist patients in reducing their pharmaceutical use.

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